Louisiana Pond Management is the premier aquatic vegetation management company for Louisiana and Mississippi. We provide treatment for individual or as needed treatments, as well as monthly contracts to maintain your pond or lake including vegetation control.

Pond weeds and algae can ruin a pond or lake and limit access and activity. Fishing can simply become frustrating. Louisiana Pond Management has over 35 years’ experience safely and effectively treating pond weeds, and algae. We are experts in plant identification, and herbicide application with four certified applicators on staff. We are passionate about the process of assessing the issues, developing an effective plan to improve your pond/lake based on your goals, and providing the best value.

Pond/lake weeds and algae can spread easily by birds, boats, turtles, nutria, and other animals visiting different water bodies.  Algae spores can be transferred by wind as well. Once established, the vegetation can rapidly spread.

Why have a professional treat my pond/lake?

A qualified biologist can:

  • Positively identify the vegetation and vegetation combinations.
  • Identify and avoid off target effects of plants that are desirable (irises).
  • Survey the pond for aggravating factors like nutrients that may be affecting the pond.
  • Develop a plan to treat effectively using herbicide combinations and enhancements to most effectively control the vegetation and keep it controlled.

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Barriers to DIY pond vegetation control

Trying to positively identify aquatic weeds and vegetation: Many plants look alike, especially when they are in water. Some of them are affected by one herbicide and not another. New aggressive, invasive plants species are establishing in our region.

Knowing the products available to use for treatment: We attend continuing education conferences and stay up to date on herbicides, algaecides and treatment enhancements. Labels, product use, and research are changing. Selecting the right approach can be a puzzle.

Treatment done incorrectly can have serious consequences: Some treatments can be toxic to fish if not correctly applied and some treatments can reduce oxygen in the pond causing a fish kill. Off-target, desirable plants can be affected with the wrong treatment or a poorly applied treatment. (Irises, oak trees, etc.)

Investment: Depending on your situation and the vegetation that is an issue, you may be required to use several products. Like most things they are less expensive purchased in larger containers. We purchase large quantities and have the combinations on hand for special recipes for effective applications. Application equipment requires purchase, cleaning, maintenance and storage.