Retention Ponds


Stormwater retention ponds in residential and commercial settings need to be maintained to keep them healthy as they age and provide an acceptable appearance for your landscape. These ponds provide a valuable service by capturing and retaining stormwater prior to it entering creeks, bayous and other natural water tributaries. During this process the water settles out particles from erosion and also allows biological processes to break down pollutants and nutrients.  Retention ponds can be a great aesthetic asset to your personal property or a commercial or residential development, however they face challenges. Pond maintenance helps maintain property values and promote a healthy, safe setting on your property.

Louisiana Pond Management provides a full line of services for retention ponds to help them do their job and still maintain a great appearance.

  • Pond Design Consultation
    Basic consultation on before construction can make improvements in property values, maintenance costs, and liability for property owners and developers. Ken Rust and the team of biologists at Louisiana Pond Management can consult and develop recommendations for your project to make sure you avoid pitfalls and make the most of the investment of a pond on your property.
  • Vegetation control
    Frequently, due to the prevalence of many different aquatic plant species and algae, retention ponds become infested with vegetation. Controlling desirable species and eliminating nuisance and aggressive species can be performed on a will-call or a contracted basis. We are licensed and insured aquatic herbicide applicators and use EPA registered herbicides and algaecides to control pond weeds and algae.
  • Nutrient Management
    Controlling the nutrients that encourage overproduction of algae and vegetation, and those that simply pollute the water quality, is another service that is a part of a comprehensive pond management plan. Beneficial bacteria and enzymes as well as nutrient binding applications can be employed to control the nutrients and help maintain water quality.
  • Aeration and Fountains
    Louisiana Pond Management staff are the aeration professional experts with a collective 37 years of experience! Aeration helps maintain great water quality by helping the water, fish, and other biology breathe, increasing oxygen levels and promoting healthy biology.
  • Litter and debris pickup
    This may be as a result of storm drains, neighborhoods activity or construction in developing areas. Removing this on a regular basis is important to maintaining a visually appealing appearance for general interactions as well as for real estate sales and values.