Pond Sealing


Fixing leaking ponds and lakes can be difficult, especially after they have been filled. Soilfloc is a two-part polymer product that can be spread over the surface of the pond, lake or problematic area to provide permanent sealing. A biologist from Louisiana Pond Management can consult with you to evaluate if your leak and the site is a good candidate for a Soilfloc treatment to seal your pond or lake. The polymer forms a thick gelatinous mixture and flows to problematic leaking areas where it enters and seals the leak, then additional material will incorporate into the soil.

Here is a photograph of a clients pond before sealing.

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This is the pond after using soilfloc! As you can see, the water level is much improved. (We also applied some dye as requested by the client, hence the pretty color.)
Benefits of using Soilfloc
  • Soilfloc is non-toxic, safe and effective.
  • Soilfloc is an affordable approach, as opposed to complete draining or reworking of soil.
  • Soilfloc is more affordable than pond liners and seals by incorporating with the natural soil.
  • Soilfloc works in multiple soil types.
Soilfloc is used to fix leaks in many types of ponds
  • Fishing ponds
  • Industrial cooling ponds
  • Golf course ponds
  • Fire protection/Fire water ponds
  • Irrigation canals/ponds
  • Dams