Electrofishing (fish shocking, pond shocking, shocking up fish) uses an electrical current to capture fish in your pond or lake. The current temporarily stuns the fish and makes them available for capture with a dip net. The process is safe and harmless to the fish. We use a professionally designed system to create a zone of electrical current in front of our electrofishing boat and capture fish, placing them in a water tank with aeration. After capture, fish can be directly evaluated. This allows for collection of a larger sample, and a wider population sample than normal fishing would provide. Electrofishing provides a unique opportunity to gather a volume of information about your fish population, otherwise unavailable. This information allows our biologists to make professional recommendations to successfully grow your fishery, or to design a fishery plan for your pond or lake.

This is our professional electrofishing rig in action, capturing fish, and getting real data to use for fisheries management.

Services may include the following depending on your goal for the project:

  • Population sampling to evaluate ratios of forage and predator fish. Juvenile and adult fish are sampled.
  • Evaluation of body condition of fish to see if they are growing at a healthy rate.
  • Opportunity for tagging individual specimen fish for record keeping.
  • Removal of nuisance species (trash fish) that would otherwise interfere with progress of your sportfish fishery.

We’re now scheduling for electrofishing surveys in the Spring, if you’d like to get in our pipeline please contact us today at (225) 308-4145, email at info@louisianapondmanagement, or fill out our contact form. Click Cost is generally $1,400 (varies depending on pond size) and includes fishery assessment report and recommendation for enhancement.

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