Louisiana Pond Management is the premier pond and lake aeration supplier for Louisiana and Mississippi.

Diffused aeration is the most efficient and effective way to aerate larger ponds and lakes. Aeration helps your water breathe and increases oxygen levels for faster fish growth and better overall water quality.

  • Fish grow 20% faster, with higher oxygen and more uniform water conditions.
  • Water is easier to manage including reducing algae.
  • Diffused aeration has no electrical components in the water which assures safety and more convenient maintenance.

We are experts at diffused aeration systems and have the most experience and technical expertise.

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Why choose us for supplying and installing your fountain?

Quality Equipment and Professional Installation
A professional installation assures that your aeration will be safe, serviceable, and perform correctly. Louisiana Pond Management technicians are trained and experienced to take care and attention to detail to properly assemble and install your project from site preparation to installation completion and startup. We have over 35 years of experience supplying and installing aeration-locally, nationally, and internationally.

No electrical power nearby? No problem. We have options for remote compressor installation, solar powered, and wind powered aeration.

We offer all major high-quality brands:
Robust-Aire, Enterprise Aquatics, Outdoor Water Solutions.

We have years of experience and can help you select the best option available for your goals for aeration, and your pond/lake.

We service what we sell and know our products to be able to test, diagnose and repair equipment safely, and efficiently. We can facilitate warranty and non-warranty repairs.