Aeration and Fountains


Louisiana Pond Management staff are experts in aeration. We can help you select the right product to meet your goals and design diffused aeration systems as well. We provide optional professional installation for your project as well as service and maintenance after the wildlife-friendly equipment is installed.

Aeration is one of the most significant improvements that can be made to ensure water quality. Aeration mixes water with energy and exposes the water to the atmosphere for an exchange of gases that will increase oxygen levels and off-gas other gasses that would be limiting to the biology of the pond or lake. Aeration also mixes the water which evenly distributes temperature, pH, and nutrients in the pond. Cooler surface temperatures reduce the occurrence of nuisance algae. The consistent environment benefits fish greatly for increased growth, health, and vigor.

There are several different types of aeration including high-volume surface aerators, aerating fountains, decorative fountains, and diffused aeration. These are all tools to help you meet your goal of aerating the pond or lake while including other considerations such as the desire for a display, a serene view, electrical safety, and energy usage.

High-Volume Surface Aerators

High-Volume Surface Aerators make a large gush at the surface of the water with the use of a propeller driven pump that efficiently and vigorously processes large amounts of water. This process rapidly raises oxygen levels, and while there is a display, it is not particularly decorative.

Aerating Fountains

Aerating fountains modify the propeller driven pump to create a thick conical pattern and is the best choice for a compromise between a desire for both aeration and display. The large water droplets created in the process make an effective and pleasant noise screening as well.

Decorative Fountains

Decorative fountains put more emphasis on display which requires more energy put into pressure and less into volume of water pumped. The less water pumped, the less aeration effect. Decorative fountains do in fact aerate, however, they require larger motors and more power consumption to create the same amount of aeration that an aerating type fountain would create. Choose a display that will be a good scale for the setting and size of the pond or lake. If this isn’t meeting the goal for aeration, you can use supplemental diffused aeration to add the desired aeration efficiently.

Diffused Aeration 

Diffused aeration systems use an efficient compressor onshore to deliver air via a weighted hose to a diffuser at the bottom of a pond or lake. The diffuser breaks up the air into small bubbles that rise to the surface of the water, as the bubbles rise, they drag cooler water from the bottom to the surface and mix the water. This is an efficient process and works more effectively with deeper water.
All of the fountains and aeration that we install are animal-friendly. In fact, the aeration improves the habitat and water quality for fish species.