• Pond & Lake Survey – LPM can perform a survey of your pond or lake to evaluate water quality, a basic depth profile, aquatic vegetation, drainage, wildlife issues, erosion.
  • Fisheries Management – LPM can evaluate and design a plan to meet specific fisheries goals for your pond or lake. Some of the services we offer include juvenile fish sampling, fish tagging and record management, water quality improvement, habitat improvement, and increasing of productivity for faster growth.
  • Pond Construction Design & Consultation – planning the pond to meet your goals for aesthetics and function. We can work with your excavation contractor to make your pond or lake function well to produce fish, fit well into the landscape, and avoid erosion, vegetation, and safety issues.

Management Contracts

Management contracts are available by LPM to meet your specific goals. If you have a recreational pond or lake and want to improve fish production or if you have retention ponds on your commercial or residential property that need to be maintained to keep your property looking its best, we can help with an effective and affordable plan.

  • Monthly contracts keep expenses predictable and keep your pond looking and functioning its best all year long. Having a qualified biologist visit your pond on a monthly basis evaluating and addressing issues in a timely manner keeps your pond or lake healthy and keeps your property looking its best. We work directly with private pond and lake owners, property and community management companies, RV parks, homeowner associations, and commercial properties.
  • Fisheries enhancement
    Habitat, stocking, water quality management, and feeding programs
  • Algae & Aquatic Vegetation Control
    Chemical, biological and mechanical control
  • Fountains & Aeration
    Professional installation and maintenance
  • Trash & Debris patrol
  • Water Quality Monitoring

Equipment Sales and Service

LPM offers high quality water management equipment for ponds & lakes. Professional assistance with product selection, project design, professional installation, setup, and service.

  • Fountains – decorative fountains with optional lighting for a beautiful display and aeration as well.
  • Diffused Aeration – proper design and installation of diffused aeration effectively and efficiently to aerate any size pond or lake.
  • Fish Feeders – assembly and set up of a fish feeder and feeding of a high quality fish feed will dramatically increase growth and productivity of your fishery.