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  • Texas Hunter- Premium Timer for Directional Feeders

    $179.00 $149.00

    The Timer is the heart of any fish feeder. The success of a good fish feeding program will depend on the accuracy and reliability of the timer.

    • Operates Texas Hunter 12 Volt Two Stage Dual Motor Directional Fish Feeders
    • Simple Design and Easy to Set
    • - Feeds 1 to 9 times per day
      - Run time 1 to 60 seconds
      - Test Run 1 to 60 seconds
    • 5-Year Limited Warranty
    • Built-In Battery Tester displays battery strength as Good, Fair, or Poor
    • Built-in Solar Charger Indicator
    • No internal batteries or fuses to maintain
    • Display flashes to indicate optional solar charger is working properly
    • Quickly Connects to battery, motors and solar charger
    • Memory Chip:
      - Saves all your feed settings, even when disconnected from battery