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RA5-NC, Robust-Aire (No Cabinet)

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The Kasco Robust-Aire pond aerator diffusers are the most efficient on the market and create water flow to aerate your pond.
Diffusers are designed to provide a fine air bubble with the least amount of pressure.
The base is made of thick HDPE plastic and a locking fill plug allows you to fill it with pea gravel, or other weighted substrate. It has a raised design that keeps the diffusers performing at an optimal level above the pond bottom. A durable, bolted, strain relief attachment ensures that the weighted tubing will not become detached during installation or maintenance.
 A check valve with Viton seals keeps water from entering the tubing when the system is not operating.
This system includes:
1 Teich-aire KM-60 1/4 HP piston compressor

1 Teich-aire KM-120 1/2 HP piston compressor

Cooling fan and mounting kit 

500-foot roll of 3/8 inch Sure Sink weighted tubing
5 Robust Aire diffusers

Available in both 120 and 240 Voltage