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RA3-PM, Robust-Aire (Post Mount Cabinet)

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Robust-Aire Triple diffuser system with post-mounted cabinet, and single piston, 1/2 HP Teich-Aire rocking piston compressor.  Diffused aeration is extremely efficient, and aerates without producing a display or adding electrical equipment to a water body. No Electricity? The compressor can be located away from the pond and the air can be delivered to the pond edge via PVC or poly tubing, and then adapted the self-weighted tubing to deliver the air to the diffuser station/stations. Includes 300 feet of 3/8 inch ID, self-weighted, Sure Sink tubing and three Robust-Aire diffusers. (tested to be the most efficient diffuser on the market-  4.5 million gallons per day of flow in 15 feet of water depth).  Post mounted cabinet is easy to mount, and is provided with fully mounted compressor, cooling fan and keyed lock.  Fully weatherproof.