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  • AST - High Profile Polygeyser Bead Filter HPPG50


    The High Profile PolyGeyser® Filter (HPPG) is capable of handling high solids loading with minimal water loss due to its patented water recycling technology. This PolyGeyser filter automatically backwashes the media, to maintain a healthy biofilm that is capable of breaking down readily digestible refractory organics. The enhanced media adds surface area to the beads and makes this unit ideal for applications with high biofiltration needs.

    •  Handles between 500 and 750 GPM
    • Bead volume covers up to 50 cubic feet
    • Inlets and outlets sized for high flow 
    • Backwash water is recycled internally for low water loss
    • Standard max pressure of 20 psi

    • Inlets and outlets sized for high flow
    • Mechanical & biofiltration all-in-one
    • Automated backwashing for low maintenance
    • Air operated, no moving parts for energy efficient operation
    CALL For Professional Project Pricing-There are several options and variations to customize this filter to your project and help make it perform to your specifications and meet your project goals.  Please contact us and let us assist you with professional consulting to ensure your project is a success and give you the appropriate pricing.  225 308 4145