Cool Weather | Equipment Adjustments


As winter quickly approaches and the temperatures start to cool (unbelievable in the South right?!), we wanted to remind our customers to adjust the timers on their pond equipment accordingly.

If you have a fish feeder, we would recommend reducing the length of the feeding, and setting the timer to midday when it is warmest and fish are ready to consume feed.

Since it’s also Daylight Savings time, we would suggest changing the timer on your fountain and fountain lighting (if you haven’t already done this) in order to have your operation during the desired time of day. If you have lights that operate on a photocell, they will adjust automatically.  If they are on a timer then you will need to adjust them according to sunset in your area and enjoy any earlier, timely display.

As always, if you have any questions, please give us a call at (225) 308-4145 and we’d be happy to answer them! Have a happy & safe Holiday season!.

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