Louisiana Pond Management is the premier aquatic vegetation management company for Louisiana and Mississippi. We provide monthly contracts to maintain the beauty and health of your pond or lake.

Vegetation control – Aquatic weeds and algae are an ever-present threat to ponds. Vegetation can easily be transferred from other water bodies and infest your pond/lake. Identifying an infestation early and treating it effectively avoids unsightly coverage and increased expenses. Louisiana Pond Management staff are trained and experienced experts in aquatic vegetation control.

Litter patrol – Ponds & lakes are a target for litter as it gathers in storm drains, ditches and generally washes, or blows downhill. We remove litter deposits at each monthly visit.

Monitoring – Having a professional biologist monitor your pond/lake monthly for issues including vegetation, erosion, nutrient pollution, and other issues can allow you to address them before they become a larger more expensive issue.

Aeration/Fountain Service – We know aeration and fountains.  Fountains and aeration systems need maintenance and repair. Louisiana Pond Management sells, installs, and services fountains are aeration equipment. We are experts.

Why monthly?  Simply put, with a monthly visit you pond/lake always looks good.  Work performed on a longer interval or as a will-call service is generally a catch-up process , reversing an issue that has been allowed to progress and get out of control. In the long run, it is easier, more enjoyable, and more affordable to keep a pond/lake protected through monitoring and management, than it is to call after issues have developed. A monthly contract is a regularly planned expense, rather than an unexpected, non-budgeted, surprise expense from an issue with your pond/lake.

Louisiana Pond Management visits every month and follows with an invoice noting activities. We also provide a door hanger at the designated address to note our visit.

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Pond/Lake Assessments

Louisiana Pond Management can perform an assessment with a report including water quality, physical characteristics, vegetation, and fishery potential for your pond/lake.

New homeowners that have a pond/lake on the property.

Real estate shoppers/investors that are considering a property on a pond/lake or that contains a pond/lake.

Real Estate Agents that are listing a property or considering a purchase of a property on a pond/lake or that contains a pond/lake. A home inspection is always recommended, however water can have an amplified effect on property value and is frequently promoted in listings. A pond/lake assessment can determine if the water is an asset or liability.

Questions we can help answer: Is the pond stocked? After it was stocked was it managed? Safety issues- electrical, wildlife? Erosion issues that need to be addressed? Vegetation problems?

Homeowner Association Board Members – Are you tired of getting texts, calls, and emails regarding pond/lake issues? We can assess the situation and make a plan to address these issues and keep your pond/lake in great shape. We can also help explain pond/lake issues with a report, or video call.

Contact us today to get a quote for a professional biologist’s assessment to discover your pond/lake’s potential and start enjoying it with a plan!