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About Our Company

Louisiana Pond Management is a subsidiary of Enterprise Aquatics LLC. We are passionate about improving and maintaining your pond and/or lake. We provide consulting and management of recreational waters as well as retention and stormwater ponds on private lands or in an HOA or corporate park.  We are a team of dedicated biologists with practical field experience regarding the biological, chemical, and mechanical attributes and approaches to water management. We have four certified herbicide applicators on our team.

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Our team members

Owner | Ken Rust has over 25 years of experience managing water after receiving his M.S. in Fisheries and Aquaculture from Louisiana State University. He has extensive experience in pond management, aquatic plant culture & management, water features, filtration, and fisheries enhancement. This includes five years of exclusive experience in aeration design and installation, both nationally and internationally. Ken recently joined the board of the Louisiana Aquatic Vegetation Management Association (also known as LAVMA). This organization exists to provide training and recertification for the state pesticide applicators licenses including aquatic herbicide and pesticide applications.

Field Manager | Robert Arms has a degree in Fisheries from Louisiana State University and also has expert knowledge of snakes and reptiles. He has been onboard since May 2016 and manages the field operations for Louisiana Pond Management.

Project Manager | Diane Meloche is also an LSU graduate with a degree in Natural Resources Ecology & Management. She has been with the team since 2018 and handles invoicing and estimates.

Field Tech | Brandon Hernandez is an LSU graduate with a degree in Natural resources Ecology & Management. He has been with the team since 2020 and manages vegetation control and aeration projects.

Office Manager | Stacy Brack manages the office, provides customer onboarding and routing for communications and projects scheduling.


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